The collection consists of historical records and a corpus of 269 black and white photographs taken during the Milan subway building. Collected by Luigi Zaretti, engineer chief of the subway Line 1 between 1957 and 1963 for society M.M., the Fund consists of seven classifiers of photographs and in a box that contains material design and documentary concerning the activity of Zaretti: plans and sections of the stations, maps, financial and structural calculations, such as studies of developments of constructive procedures for tunnels underground, surface studies of underground prefabricated structures implemented by the excavations in the trenches, as well as the dossiers with the technical description of the underground structures the Alpina S.p.A. (Milan). Photographs were taken during the work and come from various agencies, including Publifoto, Cera Foto Servizi and Photo News Giancolombo directed by Gian Battista Colombo.

Luigi Zaretti


Professional archive


Cantiere in piazza Amendola

Autore non identificato (Aprile 1958)
Luigi Zaretti Collection

Copertura del mezzanino della stazione Amendola Fiera

Giancolombo news photos (30.05.1961)
Luigi Zaretti Collection

Mezzanino della stazione Amendola Fiera

Publifoto (20.02.1961)
Luigi Zaretti Collection

Piano banchine alla stazione Amendola Fiera a Milano

Publifoto (08.01.1960)
Luigi Zaretti Collection

Scavo in trincea per le paratie di via Boccaccio

Autore non identificato
Luigi Zaretti Collection

Atrio della stazione Amendola Fiera a Milano

Fotoitalia. Agenzia giornalistica Italia
Luigi Zaretti Collection

Posa pilastri metallici per la realizzazione della stazione Lima

Publifoto (20.05.1961)
Luigi Zaretti Collection